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All You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a procedure for removing unwanted hairs and it works by subjecting the hair follicles of the targeted area to a highly concentrated beam of light. This procedure works by destroying the hair follicles and is usually carried out on body parts such as legs, arms, face, and back. Since it’s a medical procedure and involves exposing the skin to laser beams of light, it requires training in order to it right. Often this procedure will be carried out in clinics or by dermatologists though it’s possible to do it at home with some laser devices made for that purpose. There are a number of factors that affect the rates for the procedure such as the number of times the procedure will be done, the size of the targeted area which usually relates to the amount of time required to complete the procedure and also the clinic you visit. Repeat of the laser hair removal procedure is necessary to ensure the hair follicles have been destroyed completely. The laser hair removal works best on dark hairs since the lasers light energy is attracted to the hair pigment. Today there are multiple types of lasers that can attend successfully to various skin complexions and hair pigments. This procedure for hair removal is very effective and on completion of the series of treatments as advised by your doctor, the hair follicles are permanently removed though in some people it can take only one treatment to permanently get rid of the hairs.

In case of hormonal influence, the hairs might be completely removed and therefore a number of treatments might be required though this rarely happens. It is advisable to avoid waxing or shaving a few weeks to the laser treatment as waxing temporarily removes the roots which are targeted by the laser energy hence it might not be effective. The hair removal equipment should be adjustable since people have different skin types which will require different temperatures and light of varying wavelength for successful procedure. How far the laser energy penetrates into the dermal layer of the skin is directly related to the wideness of the laser beam.

Cooling equipment is usually employed in the procedure as it reduces pain and works to ensure a successful procedure has taken place. Laser hair removal can be effectively applied to most body parts and this has contributed much in its increased use recently. The choice of the right clinic is an important step so as to ensure you are attended to by professionals.

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